Pool Opening, Winterization, Repair, & Maintenance in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

With the harsh northern winters, maintaining your pool is imperative. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, based Galleo Pool Service performs professional pool opening, winterization, repair, and maintenance.

Small Pool, Pool Opening, Winterization, Repair & Maintenance in Conshohocken, PA

Pool Opening
When springs rolls around and it is time for your annual pool opening, count on our professionals to ensure it is done correctly. The cover will be removed, equipment reassembled, and start-up chemicals will be added to the full pool. Your entire system will be checked to ensure proper operation, water levels, and chemical levels to make sure that you are ready for the swim season.

Pool Winterization
During cold weather, pool winterization will protect your pool and equipment from damage caused by the extreme cold of our northern winters. The water levels are lowered and filters, heaters, and pumps
are drained.

Filter and drain lines are blown out and plugged, and pool winterization chemicals are added to the remaining water. The cover will be installed for the duration of the winter, to protect the pool from the elements and your family from accidents.

Weekly Maintenance
Our weekly pool maintenance includes brushing your pool walls, checking the chemical levels and balancing the water, emptying any baskets and back washing the filter. Any necessary chemicals will be added, and the pool will be vacuumed and skimmed. If there is a repair pending, the homeowner is informed during the weekly visit.

Equipment Service and Repair
Our pool service and repair experts can also service your pool's equipment, including the heaters, filters, and pumps, making certain that every aspect of your pool is operating properly.

Long Pool,  Pool Opening, Winterization, Repair & Maintenance in Conshohocken, PA
Pool plumbing repairs are immediately available. Cracks and leaks are professionally repaired to improve the life of your pool. Each one of our trucks is fully stocked, so we can make most necessary repairs the same day you call us.

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